At FOUNDATIONS Counseling & Education Center we aspire to help people life a happy and fulfilled life.  We work to make a positive difference in society and the lives of others; one day at a time, one client at a time.  We believe in the power of giving back to our community and we are regular supporters of philanthropic projects.

We are committed to our community, we are members of the the Wauconda Chamber of Commerce and working to help not only our clients but their families and beyond in the community. Check out a few of the organizations we work with and what we’ve done so far!


FOUNDATIONS Counseling & Education Center donated time, money and resources to the following causes in our community:

  • Animal Rescue
  • Artistic Development
  • Disease Prevention and Education
  • Food and Clothing Drives
  • Health and Wellness Awareness
  • Literacy Enhancement
  • Sports and Athletics Programs
  • Youth Development and Mentoring
  • Veterans Support