Foundations 4 Life Philosophy & Approach

We believe the key to living a healthy and fulfilled life lies in nurturing all dimensions of our life’s wellness. At Foundations 4 Life we provide a safe environment for individuals, couples and families to explore struggles and issues they face. We facilitate both in-person counseling services as well as remote teletherapy via confidential video & phone platforms. The following are descriptions of our clinical approaches:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic intervention that addresses how thoughts effect emotions and behavior.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a therapeutic technique that is designed to foster healthier living by utilizing Mindfulness & Mindful Living skills to strengthen effective communication, emotion regulation & personal effectiveness.

Strength Based Solution Focused Therapy (SBSF) is a therapeutic intervention that utilizes one’s current strengths to provide time-framed and realistic solutions for short-term goal attainment.

Family Systems Theory (FST) is a therapeutic modality that examines personal development within the context of a multi-generational family or system.

Experiential Therapy is a process where people develop enhanced skills and new ways of thinking & feeling in the present moment via direct hands on learning experiences such as yoga, meditation, exercise, team building activities, art, music & animal therapy.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals such as dogs or horses into the treatment plan. We utilize our in-house certified animal therapy dog Louie the Vizsla to help our clients strengthen their mental, emotional physical health.

Mindfulness Training

We offer individuals, groups, businesses & community organizations one-hour to full-day workshops, seminars & presentations on Mindfulness & Mindful Living skills. The hands-on training’s are facilitated on & off-site & are designed to provide participants with information & skills they can immediately apply for strengthened health, well-being & functioning in the following ways:

Increase mental focus & expand emotion regulation skills

Manage stress & cultivate healthier eating & living habits

Lower blood pressure & support healthy immune system functioning

Advance personal & professional development & build stronger relationships

Mindfulness 101 – Education:  What mindfulness is & is not.  How mindfulness works (brain science) & health benefits.  Chronic effects of stress & health. Skills:  mindfulness of breath, meditation, body scan, loving kindness meditation, gratitude.

Mindful Communication – Education: Cognitive processing. Wise mind.  Communication styles.    Communication with self & others.   Skills:  Communication 101.  BLEND.  PAUSE.  STOP.

Mindful Eating –  Education:  Mental, physical, emotional, social aspects of our relationship with food.  Skills: mindful eating exercises that focus on present moment & sensory responses during the eating process.

Mindful Movement & Living – Education:  How to practice mindfulness & live more mindfully in day to day life.  Skills:  Breathing, sitting & walking meditations.  Mindful eating exercise.

Suicide PreventionTask Force & Support Group for Wauconda Teens – monthly virtual teen task force & support group to create awareness & understanding; provide resources & solutions; cultivate hope & change.

Task Force meets 1st Wednesday of every month @ Zoom from 4-4:45pm. Contact counselor facilitator Lori Corrigan, MA, LCPC – [email protected] or 847-497-0524 x2 to learn more or to obtain Zoom link for participation.

Support group meets 1st Friday of every month @ Zoom from 4-4:45pm. Contact facilitator counselor Samantha Ruda, MA – [email protected] or 847-497-0524 x3 to learn more or obtain Zoom link for participation.

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Louie the Vizsla – Certified Therapy Dog @ Foundations Counseling