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Hello & welcome.  We are a team of licensed & experienced clinical counselors & wellness professionals who have been helping kids, adults, families & organizations to learn, heal & grow in the many different areas of their lives – mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, personally, professionally, financially – for over twenty years.  We are experts in human development & we help our clients achieve optimum health & well-being by seeking to understand what their goals are & working with them step by step utilizing clinically proven wellness interventions to strengthen health, happiness & functioning.

Are you as healthy & happy as you would like to be?  Are you, your family or organization surviving or thriving?  Contact us to learn more about how we can help strengthen the health of your life!  Check out our website & social media pages or give us a call or send an email for a free consultation.

We invite you to check out our social media pages to learn more about who we are & what we do.  If you like what you see & something resonates please do give us a call or send an email to chat further & see if Foundations might be a good fit to help you, your family or organization be the best it can be.