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Out Came The Sun

Oscar nominated actress Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of famous writer Earnest Hemingway, released a book today called ‘Out Came The Sun’ that tells her story about growing up in a family with history for mental illness, suicide and addiction http://newsok.com/mariel-hemingway-shares-story-at-oklahoma-city-event-releases-new-memoirs-today/article/5408141

Mariel says sharing her story with others has been very helpful to her in the process of healing, learning and growing from some of the painful experiences she and her family went through.

Foundations counselor Lori Corrigan had the opportunity to meet Ms. Hemingway at last month’s American Counseling Association’s annual conference where Mariel was keynote speaker.

At Foundations we agree that telling your story can be a powerful way to bring about peace, acceptance, awareness and hope to your life and the lives of others.