How to Live Mindfully in a Global Pandemic

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How are you doing mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, personally & professionally navigating though these unprecedented challenging times?  In the blink of an eye, life as we know it has changed dramatically the past few weeks as a global virus has required us to adjust our lives in so many different ways.  From constant hand […]

Calming Anxious Thoughts


Our mind is the most powerful tool in our bodies.  How and what we think influences how we feel which directs how we behave. Racing thoughts – thinking about things over and over, ruminating and worrying – is a symptom of anxiety and can lead to overwhelming emotions and difficulty attending to daily life in […]

Respond vs React to Worry


Being nervous and experiencing worry are a normal part of life – chronic worry, constant ‘what if’ thoughts, is something that will negatively affect your health if untreated.  #mindfulness proposes a healthy way to deal with worry is to respond vs react  – acknowledge, honor, accept we are nervous, worried, fearful, concerned; then take a […]