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Exercise To The Rescue

One of the most holistic solutions within our control for managing & reducing depression & anxiety is exercise.  A new study published in a recent Forbes article states

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The Brain & Stress

The prefrontal cortex area of our brain processes risk and emotional response and is the most sensitive part of the brain to the detrimental effects of

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Live Life Today

Living in the present moment of life – moment to moment awareness; noticing vs judging; responding vs reacting – are basic tenets of Mindfulness, which is a

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Mindful Monday

Good Mindful Monday all – At Foundations Counseling we specialize in helping people manage stress and anxiety, and the psychological concept of Mindfulness is a

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Live Mindfully & Feel Better

Mindfulness Basics Mindfulness is a psychological concept that is clinically proven to help increase mental focus, reduce stress & anxiety, strengthen social-emotional functioning and enhance overall

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